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LG 55EG9100 Review :A Home Theater Reference LG 55EG9100 review talks about LG LCD television or plasma television. It has some great features and specifications making you take a deal with the choice of LG 55EG9100. This is regarded to be one of sophisticatedly modern LCD television sold in the market.
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Having Best Pictures and Images

LG 55EG9100 is a better television than the other brands of LCD televisions. It is modernly lighting your dark rooms. What does it mean? It can be affirmed that it has accurate colors and better angles of LCD and LED television angle. It is helpful to create best pictures and images displayed by this television. Resolution of 1080p becomes a main feature to steal one’s attention in which it is mostly applied for 55-inch screen television. It looks so amazing with organic curve with the depth of 0.25 inch for the specification of this television.

Being the most expensive product of television makes people think twice to buy it. But, 55EG9100 review ensures you to take it home. It gives amazingly wonderful image and picture quality supported by the latest technology to produce clear image. Though it is sold fair expensive, many people still prefer this television. The resolution of television beats the competitor of LED-based televisions with futuristic features.

Offering Longer Durability

When you buy a certain LED and LCD television product, you do not know that it is reliable for longer time. However, you do not worry about it. It has been tested officially in which it is durable for years. It is claimed that it is able to proffer 30.000 hours in which it kicks out burn-in risks. No worries use this television to watch your favorite programs.

Promoting a Flat Style

LG 55EG9100

If you like a thin and flat television, it is recommended to pick out LG 55EG9100 in accompanying your joys at home. This television is completed by OLED display technology enabling it to create a very thin television style. This television looks so flat and thin so that it is easily moved and practical. It is added flat silver accent on the side of television with black line. It has a green light to talk up this television. Although it looks so flat and thin, it is bold and strong to put at home for years. It has been made of mount-walls material with EG9100 foundation. It is better than previous generation of LG televisions.

Using LED Backlight

A curving screen becomes an interesting feature of this LG 55EG9100 television to take the attention of many people. This television has used LED backlight technology that is able to shine and light through liquid crystal layer or LED and LCD feature. OLED technology of the television spreads its own light and creates real images for viewers. It is a basic difference causing some benefits of image quality. It includes a perfect black level and leads off-views. Perfect black is a main feature to promote this television. With LCD panels, it is able to produce wonderful colors to display incredible images. Every pixel of this television creates its own lighting system. Those are some things included in 55EG9100 review.

Samsung UN60JS7000 Review – the “Old” Model that Outperform Many of the 2016 TVs This Samsung UN60JS7000 review will help you analyze whether this model is right for you. This TV is part of a series of Samsung JS7000 which was launched in 2015 and therefore considered “old” by tech-geek account. However, this model outperformed many more expensive TV models in 2016 so if you want to buy a new set of UN60JS7000 in 2016, grabs one immediately before they are gone for good.
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Out of the box

As one of SUHD model, UN60JS7000 offers HDR (High Dynamic Range) support and WCG (wide color gamut). Thus, it can process the latest 4K Ultra HD content from Amazon and Netflix. If you jazzed about the future of TV tech, HDR is something you have to keep on your radar: the new content format that promises to expand a much better contrast (lighting) and color requirements are placed on top of the TV, meaning that HDR-ready models are likely to far exceed the non-HDR set today.

Samsung UN60JS7000 may not have all the flash of its supermodel superior, but this does not make it less attractive. Samsung UN60JS7000 review functionally comes up with enough sheer number of anti-glare screen treatments. This is to give a clean look in any room that has a lot of light coming in through the windows. All audio-video connectivity port located on the TV body weight, including four HDMI inputs, composite, three USB inputs, component, analog digital, coaxial, and analog audio outputs. This is very different from other models. Usually, SUHD externalize through One Connect. It also offers a nanocrystal color, 4K resolution, 60 Hz refresh gate, and clever platform Tizen.

Hardware and software

UN60JS7000 makes everything simple and looks nice though not on par with the top-end sets. This has flat and not curved screen with a thin bezel and a thin overall profile and equipped with a very beautiful table top. You will find the port and on-set controls on the back of the TV. The UN60JS7000 includes four HDMI inputs and three USB inputs. You also do not get the Samsung Smart Control, but the traditional remote worked fine.

If you dig into the specifications of this TV through Samsung UN60JS7000 review, you may notice that it was listed as having a genuine 60Hz LCD panel with a “degree of effective movement” 120Hz. It can be a bit confusing because many sites will say that, in general, 120 Hz is better than 60Hz. However, in this case, this JS7000 blur so neglected, nobody cares.

Samsung UN60JS7000

Picture quality

Despite not having a dazzling contrast SUHD other models, JS7000 provide beautiful color. The 4K TV Samsung SUHD offers the company a great resolution, color, and contrast this year. Although JS9500 is the best LED TV that we have been tested this year, JS7000 does a great job in term of imitating its cousin. Although it cannot get the same levels, but that is to be expected. On the software side, the UN60JS7000 equipped with the Tizen OS, smart TV system, and Samsung’s proprietary.


The UN60JS7000 these nanocrystals (quantum dot) improved its strongest color in which red and green usually really pop off the screen.

For SUHD, NanoCrystal Technology is also at the heart of color improvements. All SUHD models in 2015 and 2016 are really new technology which became Quantum Dot technology. Moreover, NanoCrystal layer is an ultra-thin film stack located between LCD (liquid crystal) or LED and the front protective glass or Plexi layers.

Finally, it should be noted that unlike other SUHD TV which is use 60Hz refresh rates instead of 120Hz refresh rate you will find on pricier models. Still handle most content in TV and movies with full of confidence, but also showed a little more blur and judder


With Samsung cut the costs by cutting back in matters like design rather than performance and the fact that you can get amazing things like HDR compatibility and quantum dot is outstanding, there is a lot more good than bad in this model. Many positive things and some weaknesses provide significant value that can be caught from Samsung UN60JS7000 Review. If you are crazy for color and do not want to spend a bundle, this UN60JS7000 should be on your list.

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