LG 43LF5400 Review of the Wide and Crisp LED TV Let’s start LG Electronics 43LF5400 review by checking the overview on the things being offered by this one Led television. First of all, this is a large television (2015 model) being offered in two sizes. The first size is 43-inch and the second one will be 49-inch. All sizes have the refresh rate of 60Hz. At a glance, this one LED TV looks really good. It looks wide and the picture is clear and crisp. But those appear in the photo, what about the actual performance?
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LG 43LF5400

The Key Features and Their Performance

Starting the check the 43LF5400 review further, this one LED TV is capable of displaying full HD images of 1080 resolution. Viewers will be guaranteed the real great experience of watching the television in such details with the crisp and clearer display. The vibrant colors will be pleasing to the eyes and the details will certainly be great to be enjoyed.

It is equipped with HDMI port for the main connectivity along with several other ports such as USB, Component, Composite, RF and other ports. Connectivity becomes an easier thing to be done with the availability of these ports. Upon checking the TV, 43LF5400 review realizes that the TV is advertised as one being certified with Energy Star qualification. This certification means that the TV is truly energy saver. The TV is very efficient when it comes to the usage of energy.


The Final Verdict

So, what can be said about this LED TV in this LG 43LF5400 review? Well, overall this is a good TV. Unfortunately though, this is not a smart TV. This is something complained by a lot of people. These people also admit that the display is really good that becomes a reason why it’s such a shame that it’s not a smart TV.

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