Amcrest IP2M 841

Amcrest IP2M 841 review of Wireless Security Camera For you who are looking for wireless security camera, Amcrest IP2M841 can be a good option that you can choose. Due to the increasing needs of security camera, this product offers high quality wireless security camera that can be relied to help you watch and look after your home or office. We are going to the review this security camera by discussing about the features that this security camera offers.
Amcrest IP2M 841
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Amcrest IP2M 841 review

The Box

This company provides a solid box to package the camera. On the box, there is some information about the product such as the features, the specification, and what things inside the box are. In the box there are some things that you will receive. There will be the security camera itself, mounting hardware or kit (bracket and screws), power supply cable and adaptor, network cable, CD with quick start guide, and user manual. Mounting hardware or kit that is provided will help you to put or stick the security camera to any flat surface such as ceiling or wall. The 10 feet power supply cable will not bring you any difficulty to find the power source.

The Features

Amcrest IP2M 841 is wireless security camera that offers you high definition 1080P image or video. With this high quality image or video, you can easily and clearly watch and look after your home and office. This security camera can record and playback the video. It has also wide view to completely and securely watch any angles. In Addition, you can also pan and tilt this camera for maximum surveillance. The most outstanding feature can be found in the ability to provide great night vision. So you can clearly watch around your home even in the darkness. Due to the wireless feature, you can control and manage the camera through easy WIFI connection from you device such as Smartphone or computer.

For the storage, this camera provides cloud that allows you to store the record up to 4 hours freely. On the Camera, there is also Micro SD slot that allow you to upgrade the storage up to 64 GB. This camera also provides easy installation even for you who are no-technical person. Basically, there are two steps installation: the mobile devise installation and the camera installation. Both of them can be simply done by following the manual.

Those some features that can be found in Amcrest IP2M 841 wireless security camera. It is definitely security camera that can help you a lot to look after you home or office. Hopefully, this review can be a good reference for you who are looking for high quality wireless security camera.

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