AR Blue Clean AR383 review This time, we will share you about AR383 review. What is it actually? This product is an electric pressure washer, spray gun, nozzles, wand, detergent bottle as well as hose. By having this product, you can blast any dirt, moss, mold, as well as grime quickly. As a result, you will have a clean and fresh look for your outdoor surfaces.
AR Blue Clean AR383
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AR Blue Clean AR383 review

This product has many features that you can enjoy. The first is outdoor cleaning power. This feature allows you to clean your decks, trucks, patios, cars, RVs, ATVs, siding, outdoor furniture, driveways, and many more. The second feature is that this product is very friendly with environment. Compared to any standard garden hose, you can save 80% of water, yet has more 40% power if you use this product. Moreover, this product also does not make noise as the gas engine models. The next feature we will share to you on this AR383 review is the ease to assemble this product. First, you only need to pull it out from the box.

Then insert the hose reel as well as connect the handle. Join the high-pressure hose as well as the garden hose. After that, plug the GFCI into a 3 prong outlet. Finally, pull the trigger then you will be able to start cleaning. For more information, you can use this product to clean many areas. This product is safe from any surfaces made from stone as well as stucco. It also gives a well result to clean patio furniture, outdoor equipment, garbage cans, lawn mowers, as well as pet cages. On a wood surface, this product is able to give revitalizing result. When you clean anything in wood surface such as decks, fences or even siding by this product, it will make a clean pressure. As a result, all your belongings can have a new look. In addition, you do not need to sand, paint, as well as scrape it again.

AR383 review

Now, it is time for you to know more about what you will get from purchasing this product. In your shipped box, you will get 20 foot of high-pressure hose, 35 foot power cord completed with Auto Reset GFCI module as well as washer spray gun in high pressure. Moreover, you will also get adjustable spray lance, 14 ounce of detergent bottle, garden hose adaptor. All of them is in 1 year of warranty. To finish this AR383 review, you only need to prepare $116.73 to purchase this product.

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