Arlo VMS4130

Arlo VMS4130 Review for Secured Security System Arlo ProVMS4130 makes a top choice for indoor and outdoor security system. In this Arlo ProVMS4130 review, you will be given with detailed features and specs of this particular device so you can tell whether it fits your need or not. Overall, Arlo Pro is smarter compared to most DIY cam including the first gen from Netgear. This time, the company offers updated apps and innovative design. Among its main features is its waterproof and weatherproof system so you will not have any worries about having this device easily damaged. It is also an excellent thank thanks to its rechargeable battery that can last to 6 months.
arlo VMS4130
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Arlo VMS4130 Review

Based on several tests, this particular device shows excellent performance with better quality of video capture. Its mobile apps and desktop are pretty powerful, easy to navigate and versatile. The available apps include flexible programmable scheduling, and audio/motion detection alerts. Offered from $189 for single add-on camera and $249 for one camera per one base unit and $649 for four-camera system as confirmed by this Arlo Pro VMS4130 review, Arlo has a competitive price among the competitors.

Audio and Video Quality Arlo VMS4130

With sleek and stylish design, this fully functional device makes a great choice for those looking for more than just excellent performance. In particular, its audio and video quality is impressive thanks to 1 MP AP CMOS sensor that can capture 720p video quality that looks crisp with excellent contrast, realistic color and also great details. Even the night captures look great thanks to 8 infrared LED lights that can illuminate even the lightless scene.

Its audio quality is pretty impressive as well with microphone and speaker that are particularly obstructed on bottom of its camera. But it still captures clear sound with good volume. Even though it comes with tiny 2-way intercom audio but it doesn’t reduce the audio quality.

Sound and Motion Detection Arlo VMS4130

As confirmed by this particular Arlo Pro VMS4130 review, this device is supported with event-based intelligent sound and motion detection. And, it also has similar controls in other devices that are structured by Modes. There are four different modes including Geofencing, Schedule, Disarmed and Armed. Basically, you are welcome to add any custom modes but only one active Mode that can be used at a time.

As for the cloud storage, you may have to use external hard drive that is attached through the USB to its base station. But you can also use the cloud-storage plan. Shortly said, this Arlo Pro VMS4130 review has seen the device as advantageous unit that can be considered.

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