Breville BOV800XL Review Delicious food is important thing to serve everyday. Having a nice kitchen cookware then will be very helpful to make any kinds of tasty food. In relation to that, we will share you about Breville BOV800XL review, one item you had better have in your kitchen. This product is a special oven with element IQ. This feature enables this oven to give the right power at the precise time.
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Breville BOV800XL Review

What we mean by power in here is, the common oven only provide you with fixed wattage. In other words, you will only have the on and off option. In contrast, this oven completed with features similar to a dimmer on a light switch. Therefore, you will be able to increase or even decrease the power, as you like, by simply turning of the knob. This oven get 4.5 stars out of 5 from 4431 customers in total.

By having this single oven you will be able to do many kinds of cooking. This oven can give you nine different menu of cooking options. It includes toasting, warming, making bagel, reheating, baking, making cookies, roasting, making pizza, as well as broiling. Besides that, this oven also addressed as the smart oven because of the element IQ feature. It enables this oven to distribute the heat to the spot where it is needed the most. Therefore, you will have time that is more efficient while you are cooking.

On this Breville BOV800XL review, we will also share you about more benefits you can get from the features of this oven. Due to the high quality of the material used, this oven is not hard to clean. The interior is not stick. Moreover, you can get 3 racks of positions. The door of this oven is in tempered glass. It also completed with LCD, which can calculate the precise time as well as temperature during your cooking time. Orange is for preheating and cooking, while blue I when you need to take your food out.

BOV800XL Review

For more detail of specification, this oven uses 1800W completed with 5 quarts of heating elements. The exterior dimension of this oven is in 18 ½ for its width, 15 ¾ for its depth, and 11 for its height. On the other hand, the interior dimension is in 13 ¼ for its width, 11 ¼ for its depth, and 5 ¼ for its height. This oven weights for 22lbs. Those are all about Breville BOV800XL review this time.

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