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Epson 5030ub, A Great Projector for Your Home Cinema 5030ub is the new version of Epson home cinema projector. This new version is actually the development of the previous version of home cinema projector from the similar company which is home cinema 5020ub. The new version gets a number of upgrade from the old version which also happened to be hottest projector in the market. It receives gradual improvement in some parts especially on its predecessor. That’s why; this new one has impressive machine that becomes the highlight of itself. These kinds of quality are really required especially by those who want to enjoy ultimate entertainment from their house. Projector becomes one of important supporting devices that you need to own if you want to build home cinema in your house. Even though there are a lot of projectors which are available in the market, not all of them are worth to buy. You need to be a smart shopper so that you can get the one which has high qualities. Among wide variety of projectors that you can find, only some which offers high quality of performance and features. The new version which is made by Epson is considered as one of them. Here, a brief of 5030ub review to get you know about the detail of this device.
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Epson 5030ub Review

The new version happens to be 3LCD projector with THX-certified. It employs Epson’s three-chip 1080p LCD imaging engine and also be equipped with great rated of light output that comprises colour and white of 2400 lumens. It has difference with prior model 5020ub which applies a rated dynamic contrast. The old model serves on 320.000:1 on the contrast ratio while the new one comes with 600.000:1 contrast ratio. It cannot be separated from the improvement made in the auto iris which in the result creates deeper black. The improvement for the new model does not only finish yet, since other improvements also made in image processing, frame interpolation, and greater resolution. When it comes to the design and connectivity, 5030ub is similar with the previous design, 5020ub. This projector comes in 18.4 x 15.6 x 5.5 inches and 18,9 pounds in weight.

It is equipped with square cabinet that has faintly rounded edges and combination of black and white colours in term of its look. This version also owns a centre-mounted lens and lens cover which can work automatically. It employs E-TORL lamp in 230 watt that can be switched into two types of mode. The lamp can last for 5000 if you set it in Eco mode and stays for 4000 hours if you use normal mode. Dials setting which allow the user to change the manual focus and zoom can be found around the lens. Moreover, above the panel you can find dials setting to swap between horizontal and vertical lens. On the side part of the panel, you are able to discover a number of buttons to operate power, menu and other navigations. The only difference that you can recognize on the physical between the new and old version lay on the hard power button. The new version excludes the hard power for on/off switch. Instead, it serves the power button that is able to adjust the standby mode.

5030ub Review

The performance of 5030ub get good grade associated with its versatility. This version combines the use of high light output and great auto iris so that it allows the users to employ the projector in various kinds of lighting conditions. It is able to turning out many lights using its brighter picture modes. The dynamic mode which is owned by this device is beneficial to create good quality of picture. By adjusting the mode, you are still able to watch HD TV shows or movies even though the windows behind the room open. It also includes living room mode and can produce one-of-a-kind picture which is seen to be more natural. Obviously, both of the modes provide complete complement related to advanced calibration controls.

Those allow the users to enjoy more accurate pictures. However, now and then you might lose little real and apparent brightness from the image within the calibration process. There are a lot of expensive projectors which claim to have high light output out there. However, through this Epson’s new version projector you can get greater black level that result on better contrast especially if you play the movie in dark room. Not to mention with auto iris feature included in this device, it provides adequately deep black level through film sources whereas still managing solid light output so that it can create great saturated image. This new version has passed all tests related to basic film and video. Another good point that you can find in this unit is actually the frame interpolation. The interpolation modes of this device can reach to HD720. Hence, several motion-detail test clips can be passed by 5030ub.

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DBPOWER T20 Review for You who are Looking for a Mini Projector with Bunches of Features The DBPOWER T20 review becomes a good source for anyone who wants to know much about this projector. That is especially if you are interested in getting to know about the product or you are looking for some references of the projectors. The review will give you some ideas in what you can choose for getting the quality product of the projector. Actually, you can find lots of types of projectors which can be chosen.
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DBPOWER T20 Review

They come from the various brands with various features, technology, and even performance. It can be something confusing but the solution is finding some recommendations including the references to make a comparison from one product to another. It will help you finding the right choice of the projector which is suitable for you. One of the products is from the reputable yet well known brand of DBPower. They have some series of the projectors which you can find. One of them is the product of projector with the series of DBPower T20 which we are going to discuss here. From the review about that projector, you can go getting some considerations and information.

The Specs of T20

Getting to know about the specs becomes one of the reasons why you need to read the DBPOWER T20 review. There are some great specs which are offered by this mini projector, including the use of TFT LCD technology for imaging. The brightness produced by this mini projector is about 1500 lumens, with the contrast of about 1000:1. The native resolution for this projector is 480×800 pixels with the supported resolution which is about 1080×1920 pixels. The projection ratio of this projector is about 4:1 while the aspect ratio is 16:1. In the package the HDMI cable is also included.

T20 Review

The T20 Benefits

There are some great benefits which you can obtain from this product of projector. It is including the quality of the images which are produced are completely clean and clear. There is also the technology of double tube cooling with the feature of heat dispersion offers the lower noise. The lamp life is much longer. It can last about 50000 hours. From the design, it also has a good benefit since it has the mini size which gives you simplicity to bring it anywhere. This mini projector is also easy to install and would not offer the bothersome for the users. There is also the long warranty which is about three years. They are the good points we can notice and hopefully this DBPOWER T20 review can be really useful.

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