MR Coffee ECMP1000 Review: Your Personal Cafe Barista This MR Coffee ECMP1000 review may just be what avid coffee drinkers have been waiting for. We all love coffee, and at the risk of sounding like a total snob, a coffee should taste good and it has to taste good all the time. If there is one thing that we can all agree on, it must be the fact that there is nothing a good cup of coffee cannot fix. Not only does it help us stay alert and energized during long stressful hours at work, it also makes catching up with friends over the weekend all the more exciting.
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MR Coffee ECMP1000

But have you ever, for one second, thought about making your own perfect cup of coffee at home? Surely there must have been times where we could not, or maybe did not want to, drive to the coffee shop nearby to get our fix of coffee? The thing with good coffee is the fact that it is not only about the roast, but how to make it – which is the reason why our embarrassing attempts at home always ended up with an incredibly thin and sometimes disgustingly bitter tasted espresso. A good cup of coffee is the result of a perfect espresso-making technique, before you curse your lack of barista skill, there is a good news for you: Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista automatic espresso machine. Do we get your attention now? Good, keep reading this MR Coffee ECMP1000 review to find all you need to know about this incredible espresso machine.

First, let’s go over to the MR Coffee ECMP1000 review specifications section. It may not be interesting to some of you but still important nonetheless. This espresso machine may come off as a surprise as, with product dimensions of just 13.2” x 10.6” x 14.6” and weighing at around 9.5 pounds, this machine is nicely compact and pleasingly light.

MR Coffee ECMP1000 review details: Do not let the fact that it is lighter and more compact compared to its competitors in the market fool you! Sometimes these factors make us think a machine is not sturdy enough, or it will not work as good and effectively as its bigger and heavier counterparts. It’s simply not true in this case, not only is this machine extremely sturdy, it is also capable of making perfect lattes with minimal effort on your part!


As for the MR Coffee ECMP1000 review features, the machine comes with 15-bar pump, one-touch control panel, automatic frother and easy-to-remove milk reservoir. All you have to do is put a freshly-grounded roast in its portafilter, touch the button, pour fresh milk to the reservoir and attach the wand to steam – the machine will do the espresso-pulling, milk-frothing, and you can touch the desired cafe drink from the buttons situated at the top of the machine. It does not matter if you want straight espresso, cappucino or latte, from the testing we have done before writing this MR Coffee ECMP1000 review, we find that all of the beverages taste as incredible as the ones from our favorite coffee shop!

MR Coffee ECMP1000 review bottom line: at less than $200 this coffee maker is very hard to pass. With incredible features, and the fact that the espresso that it manages to extract has a decent concentration (we used refractometer to measure how concentrated it was), this MR Coffee automatic espresso and latte machine is one of the best value for money machine you can find in the market. Last but not least, to end our review on this coffee maker, let’s us use this opportunity to recommend you this automatic coffee maker as we are sure you won’t be disappointed. Hope this MR Coffee ECMP1000 review helps.

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