Envy 4520

HP Envy 4520 review you should read because this is an unusual printer. It could be said that the HP Envy 4520 printer is an all-round printer. You can get all in one feature on this printer. Buying an item is an investment for us. If you buy goods, then you must ensure the usefulness of the goods, the price must be in accordance with the specifications you get and you can use in the long term for many years to come. Therefore, buying an item is an investment so you have to be really careful and careful before deciding to buy an item. You will get a review of this printer in the following few paragraphs.
HP Envy 4520
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HP Envy 4520 Review

Advantages of Using HP Envy 4520

This printer has the latest technology and combines several features in a single printer, for example to print text, print photos, copy, scanning, connect to Wi-Fi and so on. The quality of the output is unquestionable because this printer has high quality in printing various text and photos. In addition, this printer directly connect with Wi-Fi so it allows you to print a variety of data you want. You can also get this printer at a relatively affordable price with such a great specification. Also the ink used in this printer is prolong-ink so you can be more efficient because this type of ink is durable. This printer is perfect to meet the needs of print printing in your home because it has many functions that really useful and also facilitate your various needs. This printer also has a fairly fast speed in printing so you can more quickly complete your work. This printer has automatic duplexer and Wi-Fi direct which can make you more impressed with the various performance.

Disadvantages of Using Envy 4520

Although this printer has a myriad of advantages, but there are also shortcomings possessed by this printer. For example there is no Ethernet and Fax. So you cannot use this printer to send or receive facsimile messages. In addition, this printer is faster in printing photos or images than by printing text. In addition, it is usually still rare shops that sell HP ink installation. Therefore you should look for ink reserves at HP special place. Basically the function of this printer is more prominent to print images than text. It makes its function a better secondary function than the primary function.

Envy 4520 Review

Based on the text above, you have known HP Envy 4520 review so you are easier in making choices before buying the printer you want. You must have to make the right choices before buying an item because you have to consider various things about the function and quality of the goods you are going to buy. Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of HP Envy 4520. Hopefully some of the above explanations can be useful to you. Make your choice now. The right choice will bring you good luck because you can still use the products you want for the next few years. Good luck!

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