Brother HL L2340Dw

Brother HL L2340Dw review of Monochrome Laser Printer For you who are looking for monochrome laser printer, this Brother HL L2340DW review will show how this product can offer good service in printing monochrome text or document. This printer offer good performance in term of printing quality and speed. There are some features of this printer that also support your productivity. We are going to discuss and review this product and some features that offered by this product to know how this product gives a good service for you.
Brother HL L2340DW
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Brother HL L2340Dw review

Text Quality

This Printer offers high quality in printing monochrome text or documents. By printing using this product you can get clear and sharp text resolution. You will not get any problem in small fonts because this product can work well in printing many kinds and sizes of text. You will get some light spots. However, for the inexpensive price, those light spots will not really matter compared with the good text quality that this printer offers.

The Speed Printing Performance

In term of speed, Brother HL L2340DW also offers good performance. In some tests, this printer can print up to 16 pages per minute, for single-side black and white. It is good performance for monochrome laser printer. This speed can help you in increasing your productivity. It is recommended that you don’t print any image or picture using this pictures because it is only work in monochrome and it will also take quite long time compared if you only print text and document.

The Setup and the Use

This monochrome laser printer also offers simple and easy setup. There is small LCD and some small functional buttons in the design that can be easily recognized and operated. You can connect the printer to the computer using USB cable. You need to install the driver for the printer in your computer. There are some simple steps that you can easily follow. Once you have successfully installed the driver, your computer and the printer have been officially connected.

HL L2340Dw review

Mobile Printing Support and Wi-Fi Direct

One of special features that you can find in this monochrome laser printer is the ability to support mobile printing. This printer can be easily connected to some mobile systems and clouds such as Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Google Chrome Prints, and other platforms. This printer also offers you built-in Wi-Fi direct that allows you to connect the printer to mobile devices.

Those are some features that offered by this printer that definitely will boost your productivity in printing monochrome document or text. Hopefully, this Brother HL L2340DW review will help you to know better about this monochrome laser printer.

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