Instant Cooker IC60 Review for the Innovative Cooking Gadget Hunters Here is the Instant Cooker IC60 review which might be something needed by most of you. That is especially if you are looking for the simplicity in cooking. Sometimes in today’s life there are so many people who are totally aware of the need of healthy homemade foods. However, dealing with the need can be a bit challenging since it requires us to have much more time to spend at home for cooking, although we have a lot of duties and also activities to do. That is the reason why nowadays we can easily find a lot of great kitchen gadgets with such the great innovations to fulfil the need of the simplicity in cooking. That is including this product of the IC60 by Instant Cooker which offers one cooker for seven purposes or functions of cooking. That is the great idea for such the kitchen gadget especially for the today’s life when we always want anything to be simple and easier. That make the dream comes true.
Instant Cooker IC60
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Instant Cooker IC60

A Kitchen Appliance for Seven Cooking Functions

This Instant Cooker IC60 review will say that it is almost perfect since we almost can cook anything only by using this cooking appliance. Surely as stated before, it offers seven functions of cooking. What are they? They are slow cooking, pressure cooking, rice cooking, yoghurt making, browning or sautéing, warming, and even steaming. They can be completely done only with this brilliant kitchen appliance. This is the pressure cooker which is really great and can be used as the standard cooking and pressure cooking.

The Sleek Modern Look

Another thing which we are going to discuss here in this Instant Cooker IC60 review is about the design of this kitchen gadget which looks really modern yet sleek. We can see the modern look and style from its metal body look so that overall they are totally that stylish yet sleek. That is also simple so that users can easily operate this pressure cooker without any difficulties which they might find.

IC60 review

The Helpful Control Panels and Display

Besides the look which is really modern, on its body there is the LED display with the soft buttons for controlling. They are really easy to use with its clear info and even image to be understood. In addition, there are about 14 controlled programs with micro processor. That is including the programs for cooking meats, fishes, soups, poultry, multigrain, porridge, beans, and so on. They are also easy to operate even for them who never cook before. Overall, this is a good kitchen gadget to consider and hopefully the Instant Cooker IC60 review above will be really helpful for you.

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