Innova ITX9600 Review to Help Complete Your Home Fitness Room If you need to complete your home fitness room with an inversion table you should read the Innova ITX9600 review. You know that an inversion table is good to improve physical appearance, respiratory system, circulatory system, immune system, mental health and is great to deal with pain. So having it with a great quality is a must. This Innova inversion table is great with extra width and length for backrest support plus full pad for additional support and comfort. The important thing is, you should have consulted this product with your physician before buying it, since some physical conditions probably are not suitable to handle with inversion tables.

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Innova ITX9600 Review


This ITX9600 product is made from heavy gauge steel tubing which makes it strong to use for years. The table is to accommodate 6’6’’ of height in maximum and 300 lbs of weight in maximum. The fully padded back rest, foam rollers, soft touch foam on handles, and ankle support are there for comfort. Now it comes with the protective cover of patent pending. There are also five adjustable and safe positions to do with it. System of true balance for easy inverting is completed with system of ankle holding.

Setting up Instruction

If you want to buy this product, you should know how to set it up. Don’t worry there will be manual for it. All you have to do is follow the instruction well. If you fail to follow, then it will be fatal.


Unfortunately, potential buyers need to search for suitable fitness programs and workouts with this fitness tool—the Innova ITX9600.
Innova ITX9600

ITX9600 Review

Although this is not completed with fitness program, but people already bought this product say that they can invert upside down completely. However those who do should have strong arms to pull back, have a handy spotter, and weight that is balanced. Some of them have done a complete inversion to work on their abb. Again, your arms should be strong enough to pull back. It is not recommended by the manufacturer but it is surely doable. To prevent back pain, the users should not twist and turn. They should relax and let the body invert by itself. Actually even 30 inverting won’t make the back, ankles, and joints get pain. For some people, using this tool will make them feel sick on their stomach and have vertigo for the very first time. So they need to do it gradually. Hopefully this Innova ITX9600 review will make you wise in buying an inversion table.

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