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Lego 40237 Easter Egg Hunt With only a few weeks before Easter, there is no better way than the Lego 40237 Easter Egg Hunt. According to this Lego 40237 review, this Lego set is indeed the third seasonal set of the year following the Lego set 40236 Romantic Valentine Picnic. Just like any other Lego set, it comes as delightful minifigure vignette formats making it the best seasonal set available in the market. If you are still wondering whether or not buying this set, check out this quick and detailed review for answers. But do not take too much time to think because seasonal set gets sold out pretty quick in the market.
lego 40237
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Lego 40237 Easter Egg Hunt

Minifigurines in Easter Egg Hun

Let’s start this Lego 40237 review by figuring out all the minifigurines in this Easter Egg Hunt set. Well, there are two minifigurines in the package, a boy and a girl. The boy looks like a fun boy with bright cyan colored pant and dolphin print halter top. Meanwhile, the girl looks nice with shoulder length black hair, T shirt and a blue pant. The nice thing is these two minifigurines are colorful that make the whole atmosphere bright and perfect. And, the hairpiece of the girl is fairly uncommon as well that has only been available in the Lego Ninjago set.

Apparently, the girl will be the mum and the boy will be the son. So, this Lego set conveys a story of a mother who puts on Easter Egg hunt for her beloved son. And of course, the hunt becomes so interesting with all the great details. In this story, the boy goes everywhere trying yo find the easter egg with magnifying glass right in front of his face. What a cute and funny additional accessory.

Confirmed by this Lego 40237 review , in this Lego set, there are three Easter eggs being hidden and called as trio of little vignette. Each of the eggs is hidden in three different scenes. In the scene, there is limegreen wheelbarrow containing some dirt and growing carrot. It shows that the lady mum is keen gardener. Here is the first mini vignette, a small vegetable patch. And it also has carrots that grow in the planter box. Apparently, there is hidden compartment under the planter box and this is where the boy will find the easter egg for the first time. It has blue color.

Lego 40237 Review

What about the second mini vignette? Well, it represents a beautiful small flower garden that runs through the colorful flower beads. So, can you guess where is the hidden easter egg? Well, it is hidden inside the letter box. So you need to open it to find the grey easter egg. Meanwhile, the third mini vignette comes as a hen house that is completed with small nest and white chicken. Do you know where the hidden egg is this time? It is securely hidden under the white flap. There you go, you have let the boy collected all three easter eggs. You will certainly like this Lego set as it comes with all nice assortments of minifigurines accessories and Lego parts. Being offered at less than $10 as confirmed by this Lego 40237 review , it will definitely be a great toy and accessories to be displayed in your room.

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