Apple ME227LL A Review This Apple ME277LL A review is made to discuss the iPad mini with great features and technology. After the great success of the first generation of iPad mini release in 2012 that outsells the large iPad eventually, then this newer version of mini iPad come out. The goal of Apple about its iPad mini was delivering the features of iPad in smaller and portable form. Whist the first iPad mini fell for the display and hardware that wasn’t up to date because it was the iPad 2 display, the feature is better in the second generation. The newer version of iPad Mini comes with updated Retina display and higher resolution as well as the upgraded hardware.
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Design Inspiration from iPhone

The great popularity of Apple iPhone gave great inspiration in the creating of iPad Mini from the first generation, especially about the economical and compact style. If bulky rectangular shape was applied on the iPad 4 design, iPad Mini has thinner bezels so it got streamlined design and you can hold it easily even with one hand only. The shell of iPad Mini is also different with the standard color of iPad’s. The aluminum case got the finishing in black slate and metallic white silver like the iPhone 5 design.

This Apple ME277LL A review also discusses about the design that is similar with the first generation of iPad Mini; light weight, stylish metallic finishing, and also has unibody construction. You may not find any big difference with the previous generation, but iPad Mini ME277LL A is actually slightly heavier and thicker than the first generation. It is because of the larger battery as the greater power source for the Retina display with high resolution. Besides the additional new feature and slightly different size, this next generation of iPad mini looks identical to the previous version.

Retina Display in iPad Mini

The very popular technology of Retina Display was firstly introduced in the iPad 3 of Apple. It is increasingly popular for the capability displaying in high definition. On the first generation of iPad Mini, this special feature wasn’t applied and Apple chose the same display like on iPad 2, which is lower resolution. Yet, the display of iPad Mini is much better because the Retina display has been added. Such a dream comes true for the big fans that have been asking for it.

The Retina Display on the Apple ME277LL A review is as large as 7.9 inch with full high definition of 2048 x 1536 resolution. This powerful display makes much higher quality of resolution because of the 3.1 million pixel resulted. It also improves the graphics quality awesomely. Besides, you also can see smoother texts that looks easier on eyes by using this newer version of iPad mini. It also results true and rich color appearance, superb contrast, as well as nice and wide viewing angles of Retina.

Apple ME227LL A

4 Times Better Performance

If the fans felt a little upset for the outdated hardware of iPad 2 on the first iPad Mini, now they can feel happy with the four times better performance on iPad Mini ME277LL A. an A7 chip and 64 bit desktop class architecture are applied as the heart of this newer iPad Mini. It produces four times larger power of processing and eight times of graphic power. The system memory is also twice bigger than the first generation of iPad Mini. So, this new generation of iPad Mini looks like similar with iPad but in mini size. That is the reason why the Apple ME277LL A review should be written with overall better power and performance.

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