Canon MX492 Review of Compact Wireless All-In-One printer For you who are students or someone who are looking for compact wireless printer that will fit to small rooms or offices, this Canon MX492 review will bring you closer to the product that will fit to your needs. This printer doesn’t only offer one function, but it combines some functions that can be operated in one single product. This product also offers convenient way to print your document from many devices such as computer and mobile devices using a very simple setup. We are going to discuss some features that this printer has and they way this product can fulfill your needs.
Canon MX492
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Canon MX492 Review

All-In-One Color Printer

This product cannot only be used for printing, but it can also perform copying, scanning, and faxing. They are complete functions that can be used in one single product. You don’t have to think about having many devices for each function, because using this product you can have all functions in one product. You can print both monochrome and color document or pictures. You can also copy and scan your document. Faxing probably is the most significant function that cannot be found in other products. You can have 19 coded speed dials and 50 up to upcoming pages memory.

Wireless /Wi-Fi Support

One of the most common problems that found in traditional printer is that you have to use USB cable to connect to the computer. It will limit the product to only perform in one device. However, Canon MX492 brings wireless or Wi-Fi technology that allows you to connect the printer to many devices without worrying about USB cable. This feature will also bring more flexibility to put the printer wherever you want. You are not limited also by USB cable to print your document or pictures from other rooms. This feature also allows you to print your document directly from some online cloud system or from mobile devices such Google Drive, Google Cloud Print, AirPrint, and others.

MX492 Review


This printer is compact. It means that the size will not become a problem for any room size, especially for students who have small rooms. You can easily put this printer to your room or on your table. It will not consume too much space and it is also light enough to be moved because this model is 30% smaller than the previous models.

Those are some features that you can get from this compact wireless all-in-one printer. Those features will definitely increase your productivity. Hopefully, this Cannon MX492 review can really convince you to choose this compact wireless all-in-one printer.

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