Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera Review For you who are looking for outdoor security camera to look after your backyard, Nest Cam Outdoor security camera may become good option for you due the quality and features that offered by the product. Some people think that installing outdoor security camera could be quite stressful due to many things that should be prepare and done in the process of installation. Outdoor security camera should be also durable enough because it will be highly exposed to many things such rain and dust. This outdoor security camera can answer all that problems. We are going to review this outdoor security camera and find how it will be a good option for you.
Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera
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Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Design, Durability and Installation

Most of tradition outdoor security camera will look very stiff. However, this security camera offers beautiful design that will look good stick on your home. For durability, this camera is very tough. It has been rated at IP65, which means it is both dustproof and waterproof. The powerful screen will protect the camera from the dust and the water. So you don’t have to worry about how this camera will survive. Most traditional outdoor security camera is quite difficult to be installed. However, this outdoor security camera offers you easy installation.

It provides waterproof junction box and USB cable that will connect the Camera with power supply. For attaching the camera with the wall or any flat surface, this camera provide magnetic mount. All you need to do is to screw the mount into the wall and the magnet will grab your camera. Because it is magnet, you can easily adjust the camera until you get the angle that you want.

Features Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

In order to get the camera online, you need to connect the camera with WIFI network. There is a special app that you can install to set up the connectivity. Don’t worry because the setup is very easy. You can easily follow the manual. Once it has been online, you can enjoy other features of this outdoor security camera. It has auto on and off feature that will allow you to set when the camera is on and off. With a simple setup, the camera will automatically turn off when you are home, and it will automatically turn on when the device detects you are out.

Nest Cam Outdoor security camera offers High Definition video quality that will bring you a sharp image. It also has night vision feature.This product is definitely a perfect outdoor security camera that will help you to watch over your backyard. That’s all about Nest Cam outdoor security camera review. Hopefully, this review can help you to choose this product.

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