Yamaha RX V379BL Review for Your AV Receiver As we know that AV receiver is electronic component which is using in home theater, you can use Yamaha RX V379BL for your references. The main function is receiving the audio or video signal from many sources then manage it into loudspeaker and display components. This receiver is able to display into your television, monitor or projector video. Besides that, the input can be from television, Radio, DVD player, satellite receiver. VXR, game consoles or Blu-ay disc player.
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The time before, Yamaha 377 is one of the AV receiver that success to attract the customer. In the new of Yamaha RX V379BL almost similar with the last model, but this series is completed with video of 4K supporting and catch with the Bluetooth. With the latest features, this series will be new innovation from Yamaha. The top of panel is dedicated for front display and the bottom of panel has the normal array to choose the input, sound effect, etc. The remote also more simple than the latest series. This remote works with push the scene buttons across from the top of remote. The most interesting is after you program this button, you only need push it and choose your input and DSP settings automatically. The connectivity will more innovation than the latest series, The Yamaha RX V379BL has 4K resolution and has 4 HDMI inputs with the HDCP protection. In other words, you able to 2.2 copy along with the one output if HDMI. The Yamaha RX V379BL does not have Ethernet port or WIFI, so you will unable to access in radio or streaming networking. But you do not have to worry because this series is added by Bluetooth to the RX receiver that you can choose your inputs from many sources as well. This series also add the input or output component. This 379 series has enough inputs with Bluetooth that suit with your need. This receiver is smart and suit for your modern live as well.

Yamaha RX V379BL

This series has big value for your receiver references. Yamaha make some improvements with adding the built-in Bluetooth and use the HDCP 2.2 copy protection. The sound quality and the display are good as well. But you have to consider some things, if you has some older components, you may runs faster the inputs. So, you just use the inputs for Yamaha RX V379 based on your need.

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