Samsung UN60JS7000 Review of Moderate Product with Best Feature Samsung un60js7000 review has said this TV as one of best product you can find. We can’t disagree with that and if we see the specification and its feature, it’s also making sense.
Samsung UN60JS7000
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Samsung un60js7000

The Design

It’s very slim. 2.5 inch thickness is enough for you to put this TV on almost any place at your home. The slim concept also make this product looks more elegant, which is good thing because it also can make your room looks beautiful. The products come with the stand. Although it’s little bit bigger, but the stand will make it easier to place on your desk as its design is quite perfect.

The Feature

This product has the 4K UHD feature, which means you can play the best video format in this TV. The Nano-Crystal technology also gives the image that it produces clearer quality. It creates bright and sharper color. We can say you can watch the movie or image on this TV like when you see it in real life from your own windows.

Still in image quality part, this TV also has Contrast Enhancer feature. This feature can improve the image contrast quality. However, other product is usually unable to do this without decreasing the quality of the image that was shown. In this samsung un60js7000 review, we can say the opposite. This product has ability to do this and make the image become much better.

The ConnectShare Movie also makes you easier to play any file or movie from your portable storage. It is equipped with the USB port you can use for this purpose.


The Performance

Samsung use Quad-Core Processor as the main core of this product. This make the processing speed of this TV is much faster and better than other. With this cure, you can easily and feel more comfortable when operating this TV, like choosing the menu or using other navigation commands. It’s smoother. In this samsung un60js7000 review we can say this is one of the most comfortable products you can try.

The Flaw

Maybe you can find it, if you are one of them who are trying to get full complete set of best feature on one TV, for example, the 3D feature or highest Hz for smoother movement in the movie. However, if you are enough with 120 Hz and simple feature, we can say this is the best product like we said in the first part of this samsung un60js7000 review.

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