Samsung UN65JS8500

Samsung UN65JS8500 Review for TV that Produce Clearest Image Samsung un65js8500 review and other testimonial from the customer show that they love this product. The UN65JS 8500 can be said as one of the best TV from Samsung. It has everything that you need to enjoy the perfect image, movie and of course, get the best experience from all of them. Here is some of reason why we said that.
Samsung UN65JS8500
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Samsung UN65JS8500

The Design

The thin frame or we can say it’s almost frameless design is the first one. This part got our attention first than other design. The screen design gives it some elegant and beautiful looks. More than that, it also make you feel more comfortable when you enjoy movie or TV show with this TV.

Next is the thickness. It’s only 1.2 inch and if you put the TV stand, it’s only 11.1 inch. That means, this is one of the thinnest TV you can find. We love it because it looks great with the minimalist style room that you might have.

The Feature

First is the port. There are quite plenty port you can find on this TV. There are 4 HDMI ports you can connect with other gadget. And, if you like to play media file, like movie, image or other media, it also has 3 USB ports you can connect with your portable gadget or media storage.

The next feature we like to talk in this samsung un65js8500 review is 4K UHD feature. It produce really high quality image on its high resolution screen (3840 x 2160). This high resolution screen is supported with other feature to enrich its image. For example, there is Peak Illuminator feature which can produce more detail and clearer image.

Other feature, UHD Upscalling can be placed into our special feature of this samsung un65js8500 review. The main reason, with this feature, you can upscale the non UHD image into this ultra quality. This means the image will looks better and crispier than before.


The Performance

Quad-Core Processor is the main core of this TV. It lets you navigate through menu and other commands easily. Plus, it also has Smart Remote that also makes you easier to choose and operate this TV.

The one and only flaw maybe the dead pixels or blue light that usually you can find on the bottom part of the screen. But, it’s very rare and if you contact the supplier, you can get the solution. And, that’s our samsung un65js8500 review.

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