Samsung UN65JU6700

Samsung UN65JU6700 Review, A Complete Feature in One TV Samsung un65ju6700 review will give you some clear information and reference for this product. You can use it to considerate before you buy this product. Basically, we try to give you reason, why you should get this one of best product.
Samsung UN65JU6700
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Samsung UN65JU6700

The Design

We can say it’s elegant. The curved screen is always amazed us. It’s also quite slim, if we compare it with other product. It’s only 5.2 inch. Although it’s not as slim as one of premium product from Samsung, but for this product class, it’s still acceptable. The other part that we also like is the stand. It’s so wide but thing. The wide shape make it looks more stable, when you place it on the table or other place.

The Feature and Performance

This is where the product shines. It has everything that we need for a TV that can produce great quality image. First, the 120 Refresh Rate make the movie looks smoother. Yes, there is other product from Samsung that has 240 Hz, but 120 are enough for us.

The other best feature is the port. There is lot of them. You can get 4 HDMI and 3 USB port on this TV. Basically, we can connect our entire gadget onto this TV and use it to play the movie file or see the image file.

The other thing that we also like to tell you in this samsung un65ju6700 review is the resolution. This product is 4K UHD resolution TV. That feature itself will give you best quality image unlike other product. More than that, this high resolution is supported with Full Array Backlighting. This will give you much better detail.


This samsung un65ju6700 review also gives plus point on the feature that Samsung adds to this product. The Smart View 2.0, their trademark, has changed the complicated process into one and easiest process. Plus there is also remote control that will help you to use it. It will make you easier to share or play other file and media from your media storage. The Quad-Core processor also makes everything run smoothly.

The Flaw

For us, we can’t find the flaw. However some of customer found that their product has some magenta tint on their screen, which is very disturbing. But, once again, you can solve it by contacting the customer service or the online store to get the solution. Overall, we can say this product is perfect for us. And, that’s our samsung un65ju6700 review.

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