Sony KDL75W850C Review 75” Class Later this year Sony released a 75 inch HD TV that attract quite a lot of attention from the consumers. Many people write the Sony KDL75W850C review, some stating that this is the best smart TV that they have ever bought while some others stated that the quality of this TV is standard with good enough features installed inside the gadget. Both statements are true somehow since the Sony KDL75W850C packed many excellent features inside it even though some of its functionality is lower than the standard of a smart TV on its class.
sony KDL75W850C
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Sony KDL75W850C

Let’s look at the dimensions of this smart TV first. Compared to the same model that is produced last year, the 2015 production is considerably thinner, which also affect the overall weight of this TV. The 2015 model final weight is 77 pounds, making it a little bit easier when you want to mount it on the wall. Moreover, with the dual built in WiFi adapter, this smart TV from Sony can do so many things. This TV also has the Android TV features built inside it. Through this features, you can do almost all the things an Android gadget can do such as browse the applications, games, movies, and books, from the Google Play Store.

This Sony KDL75W850C is also equipped with Sony’s X-Reality Pro that many of this KDL75W850C review said one of the best thing about this HD TV. The X-Reality Pro will let you see the motion pictures on your screen better, brighter, and looks more real than any picture on screen you ever see. This feature will enhance the pictures of the movies, videos, and games you love to play looks better. Even YouTube clips and videos taken by smartphones will look better when displayed on your TV. The X-Reality Pro enhance the picture in real time manner so that you will not have to wait for the system to process the pictures and videos first before you can watch them. Imagine playing your favorite Android game on a seventy five inch TV with HD settings.

Due to its being an Android TV, you can synchronized this TV into any Android gadget you have on your possession and access the games and other applications you have there. Simply log in to your Google account and you will connect the gadgets you have. This TV is also ready for the Google Cast features. Having the Google Cast inside this TV is like having your own Chromecast built inside the large screen TV. Many sony KDL75W850C review praise the ability of the Google Cast to cast any entertainment apps you have on your gadget including the HBO GO, Showtime Anywhere, and As for Netflix, this TV has its own special button for Netflix access so that you can directly enjoy the movies at Netflix. For those who love playing video games, this TV is equipped with the PlayStation Now application that will let you stream PS3 games like you stream movies and videos directly to your TV without having to do through any game console.

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