Sony XBR55X900E

Sony XBR55X900E Review and Buying Guide Looking for an unbiased Sony 4K Ultra HD ? Your search ends here as this article covers all you need to know about the LED TV should you ever need a reliable buying guide. Yes, the XBR55X900E is indeed one of the best options you can find on the market. However, as a customer, we understand the need of looking for honest reviews before making a final decision on a purchase. That way we will know the strength and weak points from the product before having to spend our hard-earned money.
Sony XBR55X900E
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Sony XBR55X900E Review

Review: built and design

LED TVs, more so those which are capable of producing excellent 4K Ultra HD performance, are not hard to find as there are a myriad model from different manufacturers on the market these days. However, they can cost an arm and a leg and if we had to spend that much of money, we better get our money worth. Many people end up feeling dupped because their TVs are not as impressive and high-perfoming as they claim – and if it is the main reason that brought you to this Sony XBR55X900E review, you are in luck.

Yes, you are in luck because this TV is well-worth the money. To back up our recommendation, let’s take a look at its built and design as a start. As evidenced, this LED TV is ultra-slim and flat. Although made of metal and plastic panels, and despite of its thin built and 0.43-inch borders, there is no denying that the it is as sturdy as your bulky vintage TVs. The exceptional built is not the only thing that makes this TV incredible, be prepared because the XBR55X900E is not your average UltraHD TV. Keep reading our Sony XBR55X900E review to find out.

Review: specification details and features

There are many brands out there boasting impressive picture quality, but the product we are reviewing is another thing entirely. Yes, this TV is not only about picture quality, but also about uniformity, clarity and performance. While incredible color reproduction gives the TV vibrant and pleasant colors, its black uniformity is beyond impressive. Combined with great contrast ratio, it never fails to produce perfectly intense black and vibrant colors making every single scene from the movie you are watching looks incredibly real. Not only that, equipped with semi-gloss finish, this Sony model successfully handles reflection with its automatic intensity reduction via diffused light. To top it all off, it is also equipped with applications and built-in ChromeCast to complete your source of entertainment. Hope this Sony XBR55X900E review helps.

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