Sony XBR65A1E

Sony XBR65A1E Review :Specification and Features This Sony XBR65A1E review is written not in an exchange for a discount, nor is it written in an exchange for a free unit. It is solely written to inform readers looking for a reliable and honest review before they make a decision on whether or not this OLED TV is the one for them. We know how difficult it is to find the right television despite the large number of options on the market. As a customer, we always want an item that is value for money – for every dollar we spend, we want the best quality product we can possibly find. If you have been on the market for the best value OLED TV, you can never be wrong with your decision to purchase theXBR65A1E model. Keep reading this Sony XBR65A1E review to learn more about the product and we love it.
Sony XBR65A1E
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Sony XBR65A1E Review

Review on its design and built

After its highly successful LCD TVs, Sony aimed for the OLED TV market with impressive lineups such as the unit on this Sony XBR65A1E review. With minimalistic design that looks incredibly sophisticated and sleek, the flat TV is supported by a sturdy outward extension on its back side. While this extension means you will need larger table to put it on, it looks stylish nonetheless – if you’d rather mount it on a wall then there would be no issue as it folds nicely and not bulky at all.

Review on its notable features and specification details

If you are a movie buff, be prepared to never get up from the couch ever again. Yes, this is the ultimate TV that will effortlessly increase your watching experience. Upon turning it on, you will see just how impressive its display quality and contrast is. Both bright and dark scenes are beautifully displayed – more so in a dim lit room.

The HDR option is nothing short of excellent as well; not only does it peak its brightness, it also automatically turns off the emit light when dark scenes are shown. This, as evidenced, results in a perfect black uniformity and pleasant vivid colors. On top of that, the 4K UltraHD produces crisp display and flawless motion as well. Equipped with well-directed volume, excellent frequency response, and features such as built-in Chromecast, numerous applications as well as impressive gaming capabilities, no one can deny how incredible this OLED TV is. All of these make theXBR65A1E model a must-have and also exactly what compelled us to write this Sony XBR65A1E review.

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