Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller

Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller Review a Lightweight Baby Stroller for Your Hand and Pocket This Summer Infant lite Stroller 3d review will give you some information about this product, so, you can use it as reference when you want to buy it. Basically, if you have baby, you will need to take your baby outside your house. It’s important to relieve your baby stress, give your baby enough sunlight for your baby’s health and you may also take your baby with stroller, when you need to go to another place. Therefore, this is important tool parents must have. And, the product from Summer Infant will have this role for you.
Summer Infant 3D lite Stroller
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Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller review

The Design Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller

We can say that this Summer Infant use simple design for this product. We can even see it as minimalist, or too minimalist. You can see the frame of this product that is made of aluminum and the part where you can put your baby. According our Summer Infant 3D lite Stroller review, this minimalist style maybe isn’t pleased for the eye. However, we can say that Summer Infant try to cut the weight as much as they can. They intend to create baby stroller that has very lightweight, so, it can be carry around easily. And, it’s only 12 pound of weight. However, the lightweight is also quite worrying. It feels like it doesn’t have enough strength you can use to carry your baby around safely. You may need to consider this kind of thing, if you want to get this product.

The Feature Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller

Along with that simple concept, actually, Summer Infant also adds many different features that will help us with our baby. First, for safety, you will found the 4 point recline that is equipped with 5 point safety harness. The harness will ensure your baby won’t get any harm. More than that, 4 position recline also can be used to give your baby more comfort.

And, speaking about comfort, this product also has anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels. This will help you to take your baby out without problem. And the lockable wheels also give more safety guarantee for your baby. The canopy part is also adjustable. You can even remove it, if you think you want to give your baby more freedom. And, for your convenience, there is huge storage pocket and basket you can use to take your things and baby needs.

The folding feature is also one of interesting feature you can find on this product. And, this product can be folded into really small size. With new and improved folding feature, plus auto lock and strap to carry it around, basically, this baby stroller will help you a lot. However, the flaw on this folding feature is the shape. When you fold it, it is difficult to put it in stand position. You also can use this part from this Summer Infant 3D lite Stroller review to consider this baby stroller.

Pros and Cons Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller


– Lightweight, only 12 pound

– Easy to fold

– 5 safety harness for better safety for baby

– Big storage space

– Easy to fold into small size shape


– It doesn’t stand too long, many people complain about some of this part damaged or broken after few used.

– Doesn’t stand when you fold it.


Although there are several flaws you can find on this product, we still say it as one of the best baby stroller you can find on the market. This product has more useful feature that you can’t find on other product at similar categories or class. More than that, the cheap price is also the reason why we choose it as one of best product in this Summer Infant 3D lite Stroller review

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