TX NR636

Onkyo TX NR636 :Latest Update on the 600 Series Onkyo TX NR636 is the newest version with several excellent improvements and upgrade, making it stands out right over the huge numbers of previous generations. Yes, this is the youngest generations, and as expected, it features nice and updated performances and features. It matches current needs and demands as well as expected quality.
TX NR636
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TX NR636

Specification Detail

Onkyo TX NR636 comes in compact dimension, 12 x 17 x 6.6 inches which will make it fits almost every case and set. It requires two pieces of AA batteries to run the power. It comes in common color, black and it has quite cool performance. This receiver has seven HDMI inputs in it and five of them can support up to 4K video, 60 frames in every second. This enables you to add seven 2-channel surround sound for realistic experience on games and movies. It also performs 32-bit processing engine. It enables you to enjoy many HD files of audio entertainment along with DSD on 5.6 MHz performance. This receiver was already released on market since March 2014, and you can find deals on not only new but used and refurbished items too for even cheaper rate.

Cool Features

This receiver has several standing out features you will like. As mentioned before, it has seven HDMI inputs. You can add seven different enhancements to enjoy your games and videos in more realistic version. It can support 60 Hz entertainment files in every second up to 4,000 files. It also has 32 bit processing engine that supports multichannel tracks with studio resolution from HD files. You will also enjoy the 5.6 MHz DSD that is also used in Super Audio CD. The other cool features also include the best and recent version of connectivity options, enable you to connect more things and more people to the same high quality entertainment from a single receiver. The ultimate features include WRAT and Darlington Circuitry Three stage inverted. It produces just classic sound with nice timing, high end definition, adequate low end grunt, and big sound of stage. It serves the best two channels playback and it only needs 165 watts for each channel.


After the superb specs and cool features, several Onkyo TX NR636 review mentioned about the sophisticated connectivity options it has. Dolby Atmos is ready to give you multidimensional sound experience with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 inputs for the best sound quality and protection from copying. With WiFi feature and built in Bluetooth, you can experience streaming easier and more practical. It is enriched with built in features for internet streaming and radio including TuneIn, SiriusXM Internet Radio, Spotify, AUPEO!, and Pandora. It also has connection on Hi-Fi power as well as fidelity and AccuEQ for exclusive room calibration. They help in minimizing distortion and make sure you can preserve the energy from the movies and music, and they manage the sound reflection from your floors and walls. With such connectivity, comfortable and modern entertainment is not something impossible to achieve.

Onkyo TX NR636

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Since the release, this receiver makes a quite marvelous sales numbers and satisfaction. 54% of customers claim their satisfaction on it and give 5 starts rate. 21% give only four stars due to several complaints they have. 4% customers only give two and three star and 17% customers give only one star satisfaction. According to the performance and sales numbers, this receiver is on the second rank among all amplifiers and receivers on its class across brand names. According to this, the receiver makes most reliable product on its category now.

Pros and Cons

Of course, Onkyo TX NR636 has so many pros derived from the good specs and cool features. What are the cons? Apparently, the AccuEQ is not very satisfying. Even though it works just fine, it doesn’t have the right 3D effect for the sound and this is pitty comparing to the previous software they use. This receiver also seems to have a little problem in displaying other files from network expect from music. Of course, promised with the entire specs and cool features, customer will hope for ultimate satisfaction and entertainment though several ways from this receiver. The user interface is poor, as it happens on almost all brands. It is pretty confusing to learn and find out on how to do this and that. There is also a report on volume button issue. It tends to flickers in certain conditions. The flickers happen between volume and mute. However, many customers believe that upgraded system and good network AV will make this product better.

This item is originally labeled in $699.00, which is not a cheap price. Several online retailers will give discounts and promo prices up to $469.88 too. The price is worth the specs and features. This item comes with great numbers of recommendations, making it a serious competition for other brands like Yamaha and Denon. You should expect almost perfection from Onkyo TX NR636.

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