Samsung UA55KU7350 Review for You Who Need Best Quality TV Samsung UA55KU7350 review mostly states the similar thing. This product is one of the best products from Samsung you can find. From the design, specification to what it can do for you, it can be said all of them are on top of the class. And, those were mostly Samsung tried to add to this product to give their customer satisfaction when they use it.
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Design and Appearance

Of course, the main dish here is the curved screen. The design gives this product an elegant touch, which make it really beautiful when you place it in your room. More than that, the curved design also has other function that affects its performance. Unlike the flat screen TV, this product will give you much better sense of depth. That means when you watch movie or TV show from this product, you will feel like you are in the middle of the movie or show that you just watch. Although it’s not the 3D kinds of TV, however the feel like that feature can be found here. That is what makes it really great.

More than that, the size is also quite slim. Yes, the curved screen is more or less eating more space, if you compare it with the flat screen. However, the base of this product seems like was designed to make it easy to place on many different place. This is also the plus point of this product.

What It Can Do

Of course, what makes us write Samsung UA55KU7350 review is the capability of this product. The feature we can find in this product is basically very interesting and satisfying. First, this product is compatible with many different systems, such as PAL and NTSC. But, the best of all is the resolution that the screen can produce. The combination of 4K capability with 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution and curved type screen, it create really best quality image. The other good thing that we found is the type of screen Samsung use. They use LED screen, which means it use less energy than other type. Although there are many products use similar type of screen, we believe this product give much better satisfaction feeling.

Samsung UA55KU7350

But, what make it good product isn’t only the screen. The rich feature, even we think, it’s too much and complete, which is good. First is the connectivity feature. Compared to other product, this product has more than other. This TV has Wi-Fi feature, Ethernet Connectivity that you can use to access Samsung Smart Hub and Apps. And, for the port, there is everything that you need, such as USB Port for connecting your gadget to play Audio, Video or Photo. Then there is also HDMI port, RCA port and TOSLINK optical out port. Other than that, those features, this product also has really sophisticated technology that Samsung placed inside. The technology has ability to optimize the content of movie or TV show that you watch through this product automatically. We can say this is the best point in our Samsung UA55KU7350 review. With this capability, you will always get the UHD level of content, whether the quality of original image or movie. That way you get more pleasure when you watch it with this TV.


If we have to give this product star, we would like to give it 5 stars. It has everything that you need for best TV you can find. From the elegant and beautiful design, complete feature and the quality of the content it can produce for you. So, we hope, if you want to buy new Samsung TV, you can get helpful information and reference from our Samsung UA55KU7350 review.

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