Samsung UN55JS9000 Review of a Television Good Enough to Be Considered UN55JS9000 review is made to show people the real potential had by this particular television. For this reason, the objective reviews have been searched again and again by the people who have interest. Samsung UN55JS9000 is a curved smart LED TV with built-in Wi-Fi. It is a television with 3D display capability as well as displaying in ultra HD resolution. The television is being offered in three different sizes: 48-inch, 55-inch and 6-inch. It is also being offered in three different styles: a plain television, a television with soundbar and television with Blu-ray. It seems to be a real good TV to be considered.
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The Key Features of Samsung UN55JS9000

Starting the UN55JS9000 review is a quick look to the key features of this Samsung UN55JS9000 .The feature list below will be a very useful to help determining whether this television can be considered further or not. Buyers need to stay selective and decide to get the best.

· Curved Screen – It allows the better viewing experience from any side. With the wider viewing angle, viewers can seat freely without worrying about unable to view the TV.

· 4K Ultra HD Display – View in Ultra HD (3840 X 2160) resolution for the images those seem to be alive and the amazing level of details. The crisp and pristine display will be delivered with ease.

· Advanced Samsung Smart TV with Remote – Viewers will be able to connect the TV wirelessly and enjoy this feature with ease through Galaxy smartphones or other mobile devices for streaming or sharing and many others.

· Ultra HD Upscaling – It allows viewers to view everything in UHD for better experience. Blu-ray discs or even the older videos can be upscaled to have closer quality to UHD.

· Précised Colors – With Samsung color precision technology, black will be blacker and it will bring out the more incredible colors and brightness to the screen. Peak Illuminator allows the crisper display with more vibrant colors and sharper details.

· Octa-Core Processor – The high speed will allow viewers to get a television with very quick respond and with fluid experience too.

· Connectivity – Built-in Wi-Fi, 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports.

Samsung UN55JS9000

The Good and Bad about UN55JS9000

UN55JS9000 review will not be complete without evaluating the TV furthermore. Everything in this world has good and bad sides and this TV is no exception. Checking these sides will be an important thing for many people as the materials of further considerations.

· Good

o Great picture quality in Ultra High definition.

o The remote control is actually very good although that people will need a little bit more time to get used to it.

o Applications’ are solid enough and very convenient to be used as well.

· Bad

o After using for a while, some people start to see ghost imaging on dark screen.

o Price is still considered being too expensive.

Overall, this is a very good television with smart and intuitive features. It certainly is not the best and it’s still an LED TV not OLED. Still, it’s good enough to be considered according to UN55JS9000 review.

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