Samsung UN65JS9500 review – Smart Features with a Curved, Elegant Design This Samsung UN65JS9500 review is the headline of Samsung’s prestigious flagship SUHD JS9500 series that offers more than a mere upgrade to 4K resolution which provides overlays cutting-edge features. Samsung UN65JS9500 is the best option if you want a great curved TV. It has a good color, good contrast, low lag input, and worthy uniformity with some unique enhancements such as a built-in camera. Of course, to achieve this performance, UN65JS9500 is supported by a number of the most advanced Samsung technology.
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A curved, elegant design

None of UN65JS9500 review denies that Samsung knows how to put together a good-looking TV. Although this is the smallest series, UN65JS9500 is still a humongous TV, but it still feels approachable and sleek with silver bezels matching the spindly, Y-shaped stand. It offers a plain black casing with two hood scoop like a vent for the OneConnect box and the power. The full-array backlight makes it look wider on the edge.

The OneConnect Samsung is a rectangular external mainboard that holds all the option of audio and video connection; connect the TV with a single 10-foot cable. The box gives three USB inputs, four HDMI inputs, a coaxial jack, and the splitter compliant component inputs.

It also provides a single pair of active 3D glasses and Samsung Smart Control. As a smart control, this small remote gives you access to key features such as the backlight, screen cursor, and voice control. In terms of details, the active 3D is still better than the passive 3D although it has shortcomings in which active 3D requires battery and sell more expensive than passive 3D glasses.

Samsung UN65JS9500

Smart features

In this UN65JS9500 review, Samsung UN65JS9500 is a smart TV platform features Tizen operating system that is supported by Octa core processor. The platform is much more responsive and faster to use than the standard Samsung Smart TV. However, sometimes, getting at the basics can be a bit confusing because the basic functions of the TV such as the picture settings hide in the menu within menu. It would be a little difficult and requires extra patience.

Quantum Dot which is known as Nano Crystal Color is one of the main technology behind Samsung UN65JS9500. This is the most advanced color technology with a great performance in increasing the color gamut and projected through the OLED in terms of color performance. The result is it produces very accurate color images. Additionally, the UHD Dimming also supports Local Dimming technology to create a strong contrast.

Samsung UN65JS9500 will minimize blur so you can enjoy clear and smooth picture quality when you watch a video with fast motion scenes since it is supported by Motion Rate 240 Hz based on the original 120 Hz refresh rate panel.

Bottom line

UN65JS9500 is compatible with High Dynamic Range new format, offers excellent contrast performance with a Full Array Led backlight and local dimming, and take advantage of the quantum dot technology (nano-crystal) to increase the color agility. So, if you are looking for a premium selection with open and curved arms, Samsung UN65JS9500 is the right step in the right direction. Hopefully, this UN65JS9500 review can be useful for you.

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