Samsung UN75HU8550 Review – a New Way to Communicate with Your TV This Samsung UN75HU8550 review will help you make a judgment, calculation, and providing information before you make a decision. With UN75HU8550, Samsung uses their success in online services and mobile products to make the users have a much better living room experience, with the fact that Samsung makes a fantastic hardware. Samsung UN75HU8550 has no different because it symbolizes a new era of premium, large, and affordable 4K display. If you want to have a 4K TV now, Samsung UN75HU8550 is the best choice overall.
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UN75HU8550 less stands out than other typical Samsung TV, but it still looks great with its unpretentious exterior. Though it cannot swivel, the low-profile stand helps the panel look like levitating above the tabletop. The base with silver brushed metal seems gaudy, but the panel itself with a thin bezel, chrome ribbon around the edges, and small “Samsung” logo seems very attractive. The bezel is almost invisible for the suggested viewing distances ranging from about 8-13 feet, while it is only 0.3 inches. This type of TV is taking a minimalist approach since you cannot really find a lot of new things besides the big panel and nice blue line just below the logo. It also provides connection ports that you can expect from any modern large LED TV like 4 HDMI 2.0 ports.


One of the hot and new features in this UN75HU8550 review is the versatile Smart Remote Control. This small remote control can help you explore the Smart Hub with a subtle manner. The small touchpad located in the center of the remote functions as a trigger where you put your thumb and use this remote as a pointing device. This is like using a nice mouse since both inputting the text and selecting an application is fairly simple. Additionally, you can also use this remote by speaking directly using the voice button. It is not just following voice commands but also interpret the words that allow you to perform a voice search.

Samsung UN75HU8550

Unlike the other types of LED TV with exclusive and great new features, a high ends TV as in this UN75HU8550 review still has a Smart Hub 2.0 where you can stream the content from your TV to your mobile device or any other device that is compatible with your TV. Although it does not have new features, this could be an important part of the TV to eliminate the need to get a separate media player. You can also get an instant access to the internet with an already installed web browser even though there is no optical drive. Once you are connected to the internet, you can browse the store and install all kinds of useful applications such as news providers, streaming services, and fun games.

Meanwhile, the upgraded Quad Core Processor is greatly accelerating the Smart TV features that allow new features and multitasking. The UHD Micro Dimming Ultimate adds scanning technology and a special algorithm to provide better images with higher contrast.

Bottom line

Through Samsung UN75HU8550 review above, it is known that Samsung has added many new ways to communicate with your TV such as gesture control, voice control, and a touchpad on the remote which allows you to change or open an application, change the channel or using a web browser.

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