Sony XBR49X800D review must be the information you need if you are interested to buy this flat screen TV. Find the review in details below.

4K High Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range or HDR is a feature that will change how you see a TV. It is united with 4K ultra high definition resolution, you will see the excellent detail, contrast and color, as well as brightness in much wider range. So the TV can perform all details and highlights that really like the real life.
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Sony XBR49X800D Review in Details

Higher Numbers of Color, Realism and Depth

This XBR49X800D TV also comes with TRILUMINOS display that provides vivid and more natural colors with more blue, red and green shades. It enables you to enjoy the real color of every image that brings emotion in each scene. If you play HDR video in the YV, this feature will make the color depth increased so it looks more realistic and brighter colors.

Enjoy More Realistic Scene

The most powerful technology of 4k picture will enhance every pixel of the screen. Every part of the scene will be analyzed and also matched to certain database so it addresses the contrast, texture, color, as well as the edges independently. Every scene you watch will look in clear details.

Black and Brightness Levels Dramatically

The birther highlights, natural gradation of tones, and deeper blacks will make you experiencing more texture, energy and life in watching on the TV.

Slim Design to Fit Every Space

Sony XBR49X800D review will also tell that this TV has pretty and thin design with silver inlay and slim bezel that takes signs from the interior design. It makes the TV harmonious to the living room design but still having a great statement.

Smooth Action for the Motionflow

The Motionflow technology is recently updated by Sony. It keeps the real life and let you enjoy the TV more to watch fast moving scenes like sports and action movies.

Enjoy Everything in the TV

XBR49X800D is the TV where you can enjoy any entertainment anytime you need, including TV shows, movies, as well as kinds of application that can be installed instantly to the android TV of the Sony. Besides, the smart TV will also allow you browsing the internet fast. It also features with Google voice search that makes faster the keyword entering without a need to type some texts.

When you find an interesting movie or video in your smartphone, you can play it directly on the TV by using the Google Cast. You can play the video through your smartphone. Besides, you also can enjoy any applications on the TV as well as play any android games on the large screen.

Home Automation Feature

The platform of the android TV also lets you to have Home Automation control. You can do it directly from your TV, through Logitech Harmony Hub. The controllable devices via Internet of Things (IoT) like thermostat, Blu-Ray, lights, security cameras, home entertainment, etc. can be automated and controlled through the TV remote’s buttons. Find more Sony XBR49X800D review to see what other features you can get on the TV.

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