This is a Sony XBR55X700D review that will be useful for those who are going to buy a flat screen TV. The XBR55X700D TV will bring you to the new era of viewing. It will provide 4k images that contain more than 8 million pixels; a feature that will make you have 4 times details than a full HD TV does. It will make you enjoy the movies and TV shows in 4K more today.

Sony XBR55X700D Review for Those who Plan to Buy Flat Screen TV

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Get Better Quality of HDR video

The high dynamic range (HDR) feature of the TV will make you enjoy the TV watching times in a different way. The ultra high definition resolution along with the 4K will enable you enjoying HDR videos more, because it provides more standout details, contrast and colors. Besides, it also produces brightness in wide range rather than other formats of video. Then the TV will display pictures that are more lifelike, with awesome highlights as well as perfect detail.

Action Smoothly Displayed with Motionflow

This Sony XBR55X700D review will also talk about the technology of Motionflow XR is recently refreshed by Sony. It keeps up to the real life needs, so that the users can enjoy the action movies and sports with fast movement much better. So it looks like the life precision.

The improvement in every pixel will also support the works of the TV to perform 4K pictures more clearly and lifelike. Every scene’s parts will be analyzed and then matches to the database of the images. Then the texture, color, contrast and also edges of the images will be addressed independently. So you can enjoy perfect details in every movie and show you view.

Improved Color and Contrast

The XBR55X700D also has been featured by Dynamic Contrast Enhancer that will provide more texture, lifelike, and energy in every scene showing. It produces brighter highlights, more natural gradation of tones, as well as deeper black color. Besides, the color mapping also has been provided in precision. It analyzes each pixel and scene so you get the rich and natural tone and shade.

Access the World through Your TV

With Sony XBR55X700D TV, you can have any entertainment you want anytime, including movies, TV programs, and also applications that are commonly enjoyed through your android mobile devices. The feature of Google voice search also can be had in through this smart TV. You don’t need to type any text to search any information or movie via this Sony TV. Besides, you also can watch any video and movies saved in your smartphone by using the larger screen of the TV. Just use Google Cast and your smartphone will become the remote control. Find more features you can have from kinds of other Sony XBR55X700D review.


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