XBR55X810C Review: Smart LED TV with 55 Inches Size Sony XBR55X810C review will show people about the great thing which they can find from the television product with 55 inches size by Sony. This is the television which can offer people with more than just HD experience when watching TV program. More clarity can be experienced with this television since it comes with Ultra HD technology. Plus, it is Android TV so people can get more entertainment options which can be accessed using their television. People can also enjoy the 4K streaming experience which is enhanced so people can get much better picture quality during streaming. There are also many other great offers which can be found from the Android TV. Let’s find out further.
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There is no question that people are able to enjoy the biggest experience when watching television since this television product comes with 4K technology. People will find the color accuracy as well as contrast control which is improved. Of course people will also be able to enjoy the 4K video as well as HD clarity which is improved as well. This is something which people cannot find from the 4K television from other manufacturers. People must not miss the great difference of watching television which can be made with this product. Since XBR55X810C review shows people that this television product by Sony comes with the ultra HD technology, there is no doubt that people will be able to watch any kind of entertainment including sport, television show, as well as movie which comes with the 4K quality. Of course it means that the screen will have super clear look for the best experience of watching television. People do not have to get involved with the streaming quality which is bad and dissatisfying because people will be able to enjoy the 4K streaming experience. It means that people can really expand their entertainment experience from the 4K streaming service such as Amazon Instant Video and also Netflix.

Sony XBR55X810C

Android TV and Apps

It is sure that people cannot just call this television as smart TV because it is smarter. It has Android platform which makes people able to enjoy the great contents. There are also some streaming apps which can be used for enjoying better entertainment through the Android TV. Of course people will also be able to enjoy various kinds of Android right on the television with the best experience. The television also comes with the voice search ability as well as personalized recommendation so people can really enjoy the best entertainment without having to make effort. This can be considered as the TV which is smarter because people will be able to enjoy things which they can usually enjoy on the smart phone or tablet only. Accessing the movies, games, apps, and many more can be accessed from Google Play using their Google account.

Built in Google Cast

It is sure that people will be able to cast their most favorite entertainment using the Google Cast which is built in the television. The entertainment from HBO GO for instance can be brought from the mobile device to big screen according to Sony XBR55X810C review.

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