Sony XBR65X930C Sony Smart TV: The Ultimate Smart TV for Better Entertainment Sony XBR65X930C is a smart TV product from Sony. It is now can be bought everywhere in home appliances stores or online like in Amazon. This smart TV is claimed by Sony to be a “smarter TV” because they say this product is more than just a smart TV. This smart TV can be used to deliver amazing content and also to run Android apps. You can also play Android games with this smart TV. This smart TV can be used to streaming as well. Using this smart TV, enjoy the sophisticated features such as personalized recommendations and voice search feature. This smart TV is going to be the ultimate entertainment for your house. Below is the Sony XBR65X930C review for you.
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1. Better Color and More Realistic

This new XBR65X930C smart TV from Sony is completed by TRILUMOS + X1 technology. It is the technology that will make all colors come alive and you will be able to see millions of colors in the TV display. This smart TV is also completed by advanced technology so that the colors produced by the smart TV is in its widest range and very dynamic. This smart TV is capable to produce color correction so that all colors in the images you see are totally accurate and consistent. As the result, you will see vivid color with more realistic images. Watching everything from this TV is about to be very entertaining all the time.

2. Sound as Amazing as the Picture

There is no wonder that the picture produced by this TV is amazing and the TV is going to be better if the sound is good as well. This is exactly what happens because this Sony smart TV is completed by amazing sound as well. You will be able to hear clear and loud dialog even you can hear the commentators from football match clearly. The detail in sound is completely amazing with perfect bass resonant at its best depth. There are two built-in speakers and also two subwoofers as well in this Sony TV and that is why this TV can totally support the stunning 4K picture with the high quality audio in it.

Sony XBR65X930C

3. Android at Its Best

This smart TV is made by Sony using the Android system. Just like operating a smart phone, this smart TV has all the function of a good smart phone. The XBR65X930C smart TV is using Android system and can be used for any purposes such as playing Android game, video streaming, video chat, and many more. All the function of having an Android device can be enjoyed in this sophisticated Android smart TV from Sony. This TV is also completed by Bluetooth and also Wi-Fi of course. The hand motion sensor in this smart TV is making it easier for you to operate the smart TV. Beside of that, this smart TV is also capable to load more Android apps so that you can totally explore the world better with those apps.

4. Sleek and Gorgeous Design

This smart TV is nothing like any other smart TV in the term of design. The 65 inch of screen size in this smart TV makes this smart TV looks so grand and luxurious. The metallic and shining frame outside the screen makes the TV looks more gorgeous and also sleeker. It is very thin and looks almost like something really exclusive. The border or the frame is also not too big so that you can maximize the experience of watching the smart TV.

5. Voice Command Technology

You do not need any remotes to control this smart TV from Sony. All you need to use is your voice. This amazingly smart TV from Sony has voice search feature and also voice command feature. With both of those features, you will be able to search any program in the TV that you want without using remote. You just need to say it all and the smart TV will recognize your voice and start looking for the programs you want to watch. This is why Sony XBR65X930C smart TV is very sophisticated and you really need to have one of these at home. Your family will get the best entertainment ever.

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