Real and Trusted Yamaha RX V379BL Review Are you thinking to upgrade your home theater? If you are, you must read the Yamaha RX V379BL review. This AV receiver is perfect for you who have smaller house. It is also perfect for entry level users. That’s because this device doesn’t have the latest features of AVR. However, its features and quality is enough to make your small home theater more advance and satisfying. This small upgrade can give better experience in watching movies and listening to music. In addition, this device is much more affordable than other AV receivers. As a result, you can have it even in limited budget.
Yamaha RX V379BL
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Yamaha RX V379BL

What Yamaha RX V379BL has to offer?

Based on the Yamaha RX V379BL review, this device has less features than certain Yamaha AVR models. However, it is understandable because its price is about half the price of the newer models. This AV receiver only has 5 channels of amplification. Therefore, you can only have 5 speakers in the room. But, it is not a big problem. They are enough to give your music and movies better qualities. In addition, it gets better with its Virtual Cinema Front feature. With this feature, you can place all your speakers in front of the room and yet you can still enjoy surround sound as if you place them all around the room. That’s why it is perfect for smaller homes.

The RX V379BL is equipped with 4K pass through. With this AV receiver, you can watch great Ultra HD movies in better experience. It is thanks to the HDCP 2.2 support. This support enable you to watch 4K movies without degradation. For music streaming, you can connect your Smartphone or iPod with this device via Bluetooth to play your favorite songs. Aside from those great features, this AV receiver also offers you with Extra Bass setting for smaller size satellite speaker and YPAO sound Optimization. Therefore, you will get brilliant audio experience with this device.


RX V379BL customer reviews

This AV receiver is considered as a great product by its customers. On average, this device gets four star out of five. Many users love its great sounds. They also think that it offers great value. The basic features of Yamaha RX V379BLcan improve their audio experience to the next level. Moreover, other reviewer said that this product is very versatile. However, small numbers of users are not very happy with this product. On their Yamaha RX V379BL review, they said that certain problems occur after several months of using it. However, the negative review is only around 15%. Therefore, it is still considered as a great product.

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